You will be able to upload your custom fonts in the Fonts tab in the Library. Make sure you have the proper licenses before uploading a font. Once you’ve uploaded your fonts, you will become the owner, with full-edit access and share-access, in Projector. The supported font file extensions are: .otf and .ttf.

Upload custom fonts

  1. Select the Fonts tab at the left hand side of the Library.

  2. Click Get started to open up the upload menu.

  3. Drag and drop your font files into Projector or select Choose fonts.

  4. Check the box to confirm that you have permission to use the fonts.

  5. Click Upload.

Uploading custom fonts in Projector

From a story within the Editor, you can access your fonts in the Font Family picker under the Uploaded section.

Adding custom fonts to your Projector story

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