In Projector, you’ll be able to upload and use your custom fonts in all of your stories. Using custom fonts is a great way to communicate your message and tone and share your brand identity with your audience.

Managing custom fonts

When you upload a font, you automatically become the owner of that font with sharing and management capabilities. Font owners will be able to share access to the fonts with other members of their team or organization.

Projector custom fonts menu

The owner of the fonts will be able to:

  • Share access to the custom fonts, allowing for team members to utilize the fonts in the same or separate stories

  • Manage uploaded fonts in the Fonts tab in the Library

  • Remove individual font faces from an existing custom font

  • Add additional font faces to an existing custom font

  • Delete entire fonts

Team members who have fonts shared with them will be able to:

  • Use the custom fonts in any stories that they create separately

* Note that team members who have access to the fonts, but are not the font owners, will not be able to share access to the custom fonts with others.

To learn more about uploading custom fonts, click here.

To learn more about sharing custom fonts, click here.

To learn more about unsharing or deleting custom fonts, click here.

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