If for some reason you’re running into issues with loading times and performance for your Live Session, here are some immediate actions you can take to improve your experience:

1. Check your internet connection.

Projector is browser-based and requires access to reliable and stable internet connection.

2. Close any Projector tabs not being used, and refresh your browser.

When you refresh your browser as a host, your participants will be disconnected from the Live Session. Once you have refreshed the browser, you’ll be brought to your Live Session page where you can press Start session. Once you have restarted your Session, your participants will automatically enter back into the Live Session.

When you refresh your browser as a participant, you will leave and reenter the Live Session. Once you’re back in, you’ll sync with the host’s current scene.

If you’re still experiencing issues, here are some additional actions you can take:

1. Log out of Projector and log in with a new browser window.

2. Update the latest version of your browser.

Projector works on the following browsers: Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.

3. Send us a message!

Have more questions about Live Sessions? Shoot us an email at support@projector.com.

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