When you want to speak during your Live Sessions, you can enable audio capabilities. Live Sessions supports audio capabilities for up to 40 people.

Using audio during your Live Session is great for communicating ideas clearly to your audience, and facilitating engaging conversations. This article will share more on how to enable audio for your Live Sessions.

Media Audio

Hosts and participants can play and mute audio on all corresponding media within all Live Sessions. By default, audio on media will be muted, letting the host play it during their presentation, while participants can also play the audio on their own devices at their convenience.

To play audio on media, click on the audio icon at the bottom left of the Live Session to play or mute.

Note: Depending on the window size, the audio icon may be on the right-hand side for smaller window sizes.

Microphone Audio

Microphone capabilities are available for the host and participants during Live Sessions that have voice conversations enabled by the host. Once the Live Session has begun, the host and participants will be able to connect their microphone to Projector and talk and engage with each other. The host and participants have the option to mute and unmute themselves at any given time, while the host will also have the additional option to mute all participants. A red dot will appear in the browser tab for Live Sessions that have voice conversations enabled.

To connect your microphone to Projector:

  1. Create or join a Live Session that has voice conversations enabled.

  2. Click Unmute at the bottom of the screen.

  3. Read and click Continue to accept the microphone permission prompt.

  4. Click Allow to connect your microphone with Projector.

    1. After selecting Allow, it will take a couple of seconds to connect.

Projector: connect your audio to a Live Session (live presentation)

Note: You will only need to connect your microphone to Projector once per browser.

Click here to learn more about connecting your microphone to Projector if access has been previously denied or disconnected.

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