To join a Live Session as a participant, simply click on the link shared by your host. If you join after the session has already started, you’ll automatically sync to the host’s current scene.

Live Sessions provides participants with an interactive experience. Through clickable links, emoji reactions, and navigation and sync controls, participants have the opportunity to interact with the host and the story itself from the comfort of your own device.

Clickable links in the scene

Links in Live Sessions are clickable, so participants can head over to corresponding pages in a new tab. Links are a quick and easy way to guide your audience to other parts of your story - a Youtube video, a sign-up website, your social media page, and more.

Emoji reactions

As the host is presenting, participants can provide feedback using emoji reactions without breaking the presentation flow.

Navigation and Sync

There may be times when participants join a Live Session after it’s started, or when participants want to look back on an earlier scene. With Live Sessions, you can navigate back to scenes that the host has already covered. You will not be able to go ahead of the host, but will be able to quickly sync up with the host at any time during the Live Session.

Projector Live Sessions participant view
  1. Live session and host information, and participant list: this section shares information about the Live Session and host, and contains the list of participants who have joined the Live Session.

  2. Microphone: use this setting to mute and unmute your microphone during Live Sessions that include voice conversations.

  3. Emoji reactions: use emojis to interact with the host and share feedback without interrupting the presentation.

  4. Fullscreen setting: set your view to full screen

  5. Playback settings: play, pause, or replay the moving media elements on the current scene. Note that these settings show up for scenes that include moving elements such as videos, GIFs, and stickers.

  6. Sync option: if you navigated away from your host during their live session, this option lets you jump to where your host currently is in real-time.

  7. Story navigation arrows - use these to quickly navigate between scenes. Note that participants can only switch between scenes that the host has already presented.

  8. Settings:

    1. Sharing setting: copy the link to the Live Session to share with others

    2. Microphone setting: change which microphone you would like to connect with.

  9. Leave: exit the live session.

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