Share your story with collaborators or an audience

You can share your story with others in Projector or export your story as a PDF, image, video, or GIF from any story format.

Share your story with collaborators or your audience via email

  1. On the App Bar, click Share.

  2. Enter the email address you want to share your story with.

  3. Select permissions for each invited email address (edit or view-only access).

  4. Click Invite.

Projector sharing stories with collaborators and others via email

Share your story with collaborators or viewers via link

  1. On the App Bar, click Share.

  2. Under Get link, click Change to select permissions (edit or view only access) *Limited access provides access to the link only to those who have been added to your story via email.*

  3. Click Copy link to copy the generated link.

  4. Click Done.

Projector sharing story with collaborators and others via link

Access permissions

  1. Those with edit access will be able to edit, view, present, share, or export the story. Editors can also change access permissions to the story.

  2. Those with view-only access must be logged in to view, present, and export the story. Logged-out viewers will be able to view the story.

View your stories

The View page is the space for your audience to view your story and interact with you in real-time.

There are three ways to access the View page of your story from the Editor.

  1. To view your story from your Editor:

    1. Click on the menu at the top left, next to the story title.

    2. Click on Story.

    3. Select View.

    View your story from your editor in Projector

  2. Click on View at the top of the Editor.

  3. Generate a link to the View page:

    1. Click on Share at the top right of the App Bar.

    2. Under the Get link section, set the access as Anyone with the link can view.

    3. Copy the link.

    4. Paste it in your browser address bar.

Create a share link in the view page

Click here to learn more about viewing your story.

Export your story

  1. Click on the Export button at the top right of the App Bar and select your export format.

  2. Preview your story on the left-hand side of the Export menu. For images and PDFs, use the checkboxes at the top left of each scene to choose to export the entire story, a specific scene, or a range of scenes.

  3. For videos or GIFs, adjust the timing of each scene or transition by clicking on the time underneath each scene, and typing in your desired length of time. Customize the resolution on the right-hand side.

  4. Once you’re done, click Create.

  5. You'll have the option to copy the link to your export to share with other people, as well as download your file directly.

Click here to learn more about exporting your story.

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