Oftentimes, you'll be working with different fonts on the same story or in the same scene. It helps to know which fonts you're using and to be able to change each one quickly and easily.

While working on a scene that includes multiple fonts, you'll have the ability to view and edit the fonts using the Expanded Toolbar on the right. This Fonts in use section features up to five fonts used in each scene or selected text box. This makes it convenient for you to match fonts across several different text boxes in your scenes.

Using fonts in Projector

Changing fonts

  1. Select a single text box or multiple text boxes and head over to the Selected fonts section of the Expanded Toolbar. If you would like to make changes to fonts across your scene, just head over to the Fonts in use section of the Expanded Toolbar.

  2. Select the font that you would like to change.

  3. Select your desired font family.

  4. All applicable text with the selected font will change to the newly selected font.

Changing fonts in Projector

All selected text with the same font can be changed simultaneously.

Switching fonts in Projector
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