Positioning and alignment

Drag and drop elements to move them around a scene. You can find X and Y coordinates in the Expanded Toolbar, allowing for specific placement.

Pro tip: use the X & Y coordinates to get the same placement for elements across scenes.

Change the angle of an element by hovering over a corner and clicking and dragging it to the desired angle. You can also change the angle of your shapes in the Expanded Toolbar by using the Rotation slider or manually entering the custom angle degree.

Projector - Media dimensions section in the editor

Align, Distribute, & Tidy Up

If you’re working to position content across a scene, use the Align, Distribute, or Tidy Up tools to easily distribute elements. This works well with multiple images of the same size. Select the media you want to organize, and then choose your desired alignment and distribution.

Projector - align, distribute, and tidy up tools


In Projector, you can group separate elements together to create a new standalone element. Select the elements you would like to group. Next, right-click the selected elements and select Group elements. To ungroup, right-click again and select Ungroup.

Once elements are grouped, they will act as one stand alone element. You can move the group around, resize, and apply other edits as if it were one element.

Grouping elements in Projector

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