In Projector, you can easily place your images and videos in device frames. Choose from our library of stylized mock phones, tablets, watches, monitors, and more.

Frame your media with a device

  1. Add your media to the scene.

  2. Select the Frame icon from the Toolbar. You can also frame your media by clicking on your media and clicking on the Frames section in the Expanded Toolbar.

  3. Browse through and choose from a variety of frame options—Photographic, Professional, and Stylized. For Professional and Stylized device frames, you have the option to change the color of the frame.

  4. Once you've framed your media, make any adjustments by double-clicking your media and moving your media around the frame or using the slider to zoom in and out.

Photographic Frames:

Projector photographic device frames

Professional Frames:

Projector professional device frames

Stylized Frames:

Projector stylized device frames
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