Transitions add movement to your stories, and in Projector, it's easy to add and customize them. Transitions follow the scene they are attached to, and you'll know a scene has a transition applied when you see the Scene transition icon in the Scene navigator.

Adding a Transition

  • Click on your scene background and select the Scene transition icon at the top right Toolbar to open the Transition menu.

  • Choose between a number of transitions and customize the length of time you'd like the transition to play for. You can see a live preview of the transition on the left-hand side of the Transition menu as you click between options and adjust the timing.

  • Once a transition has been added to your scene, in the Scene navigator, you’ll see the Scene transition icon appear next to the scene number of the scene they are attached to.

Other ways to access the Transition menu are by finding the Transition section in the Expanded Toolbar, or by right-clicking the scene in the Scene navigator and selecting Add transition.

Projector transitions

Projector transition menu

Deleting a Transition

  • To delete a transition, right-click the scene with the transition in the Scene navigator, and select Remove transition.

  • Another way to delete a transition is to first select the scene that the transition is attached to. In the Expanded Toolbar, scroll to the Transition section and click on the - button to take out the transition for the chosen scene.

Deleting transitions in Projector
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