In Projector, you can create custom drawings and shapes with the Pen tool.

Click on the Pen tool icon in the Insert menu to start drawing.

Projector pen tool

Creating custom lines

With the Pen tool, you can draw custom lines and edit them with different line patterns, styles, and endpoints.

  1. Click through points to draw zig-zag lines and connect them to create custom shapes.

  2. Click Done when you've finished drawing your custom lines.

  3. Click on the creative features in the Expanded Toolbar to edit your custom elements.

Creating custom lines and shapes in Projector

Adding arrowheads

  1. Select your desired line.

  2. Click into the Line style section of the Expanded Toolbar.

  3. Click on the line drop-down to select your desired line style. Each drop-down corresponds to one end of the line, letting you customize the start and end of each line.

Creating arrows in Projector

Adding dashes

Make lines with dashes in the Expanded Toolbar under the Line style section. You can customize your dashes by typing in the desired spacing between each dash.

Adding dashes in Projector

Curving lines

Round the corner edges of your lines with the slider function in the Corners section of the Expanded Toolbar.

Curving lines in Projector

Changing the color and line width

Change the color and width of the line in the Color section of the Expanded Toolbar. Add a gradient, change the opacity of a color, or select a color from a color palette.

Changing the color and line width in Projector

Adding shadows

Add a shadow using the Shadow section in the Expanded Toolbar.

Adding shadows in Projector

Creating custom shapes

Use the Pen tool to draw a custom shape. Custom shapes can be edited using any design features of the tool, including changing the outline or color, or adding media fill.

  1. Click on multiple points in the scene, connecting the final points to create a closed element. Your custom shape will automatically fill with color.

  2. Adjust the points of your shape by clicking on each point and dragging and dropping them to the desired location.

  3. Click Done when you've finished drawing your custom shape.

  4. Click on the creative features in the Expanded Toolbar to edit your custom elements.

Drawing and editing a shape in Projector

Round the corners using the Corners slider in the Expanded Toolbar or Toolbar.

Rounding corners of custom shapes in Projector

Adjust the width of the outline or create a dashed outline in the Line style section of the Expanded Toolbar.

Adjust outlines in Projector

Change the fill of the shape by clicking on Media to add media or by using solid or gradient colors which can be found in the Color section of the Expanded Toolbar. You can also take out the fill, which keeps the shape outline.

Change color fill in Projector

To use Media fill in a custom shape, navigate to the Media section of the Expanded Toolbar, where you’ll be prompted to upload your own media or search our creative catalog. Once you've selected an image, GIF, or video, you can click Adjust media to drag and drop the image or video within the shape to align the view you're looking for.

Filling custom shapes with media in Projector (media fill)

Pro-tip: Select several shapes at once and fill it with the same media to create a continuous effect!

Move, resize, and tilt

Move shapes and lines around the scene by dragging and dropping the elements.

Adjust the overall size or length of the shape or line by dragging from the corners or edges. When resizing a line or shape, the default changes will stretch longer or taller. Click on the Lock icon in the Expanded Toolbar to adjust the size and dimensions without changing the line properties (or use the Height and Width points to set the size).

Resizing custom shapes in Projector

Tilt the shapes and lines by clicking on them and rotating the corners of it. You can also adjust the angle of your element by using the Rotation slider in the Expanded Toolbar.

Tilt and rotate custom shapes in Projector
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