There are a lot of fun ways to play with shapes in Projector! We'll walk you through some of our favorite effects below.

To add a shape or line: click on the Shapes icon on the Insert menu. The top two rows of shapes have a color fill as a default, while the next two rows consist of hollow shapes with an outline. The last row includes lines and arrows. You will be able to edit any of these shapes and lines once you have added them into your scene.

Projector shapes menu

Resize shapes

Resize your shape by dragging the corners or sides of the shape. You can also adjust the height and width dimensions in the Expanded Toolbar.

Note: If the Lock icon is locked, the shape will resize proportionately.

Resizing shapes in Projector

Position shapes

  • To adjust the position of a shape on your scene, drag and drop the shape or use the X and Y coordinates in the Expanded Toolbar to set the location.

  • To adjust the position of hollow shapes (shapes with just an outline), click on the outline and drag and drop the shape.

Rotate shapes

  • To rotate any shape or element, click on the shape and hover over the corners.

  • Once the rotate cursor pops up, click and tilt the shape.

  • You can also change the angle of your shapes in the Expanded Toolbar by using the Rotation slider or manually entering the custom angle degree.

Fill shapes with color and media

Shapes can be filled with both colors and media elements in Projector.

Color fill: Access the Color panel in the Toolbar or Expanded Toolbar to add a color fill, change the color, add a gradient, or adjust opacity.

Fill shapes with color and media in Projector

Media fill

  • Click on the desired shape and select the Media section of the Expanded Toolbar.

  • You can search Projector's creative catalog for images, videos, or GIFs, or upload your own media.

  • Once you’ve selected your media, you can adjust how it appears in the shape by clicking on Adjust media in the Expanded Toolbar. You can also crop, tint, or apply a filter to your media.

Shape outlines: Shapes without a color or media fill consist of shape outlines. Change the color, width, and outline placement in the Expanded Toolbar.

Adjusting shape outlines in Projector

Apply shadows to shapes

Add a shadow to your shape by clicking on the Shadow section in the Expanded Toolbar. You can adjust the position of the shadow on the axis, change its color, adjust the opacity, and add a blur to the shadow.

Adding shadows to shapes in Projector

Any element in your story can be hyperlinked, including shapes. Select the shape and click on the Link section of the Expanded Toolbar. There, you can paste the URL or select a scene you would like to link the shape to. Links work when clicking on the element in View mode, Live Sessions, as well as in PDF exports. To test a link in the Editor, click on Visit under the Link section of the Expanded Toolbar.

Adding links to shapes in Projector

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