In Projector, you can duplicate individual scenes or full stories so that you can use them as starting points for your next scene or story.

Duplicating a Story

To duplicate a story from your Library

  1. Click on the three dots icon at the bottom right of the Story card to open the action menu.

  2. Select Duplicate.

Projector story cards

The story will be duplicated in your Library with the same name and "Copy" appended to the end. You can update the story name in the Library or click into the story to start updating the name and design.

To duplicate a story from the Editor

  1. Click on the menu next to the story title.

  2. Click on Story.

  3. Select Duplicate.

Duplicating stories in Projector

Duplicating a Scene

Scenes can be duplicated within a story as well as between separate stories.

To copy and paste a scene within the same story

  1. Open the Scene navigator on your left.

  2. Right-click the desired scene.

  3. Select Duplicate scene.

Duplicating scenes in Projector

To copy and paste scenes between stories

  1. Open the Scene navigator on the left.

  2. Click on your desired scene in the Scene navigator and press ⌘C or Ctrl+C to copy the scene.

  3. Next, head over to your separate story, click on the Scene navigator, and press ⌘V or Ctrl+V to paste the scene into your separate story.

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