With Projector, you have amazing visual content at your fingertips. You don’t need to leave the platform to search for, download, and upload assets—our integrations with Shutterstock, Giphy, Unsplash, and Noun Project give you everything you need right in your workspace.

Remix your images and videos with tint, blur, and filter effects, use them to fill custom shapes and text, or add a device frame in a snap.

Adding media to your scene

Add media to any Projector scene by clicking on the Add media icon in the Insert menu.

Media icon - adding media to Projector story

You can upload your own media—or search Projector's creative catalog of images from Unsplash, images and videos from Shutterstock, GIFs and stickers from GIPHY, and icons from Noun Project.

To upload:

  • Click on the media icon at the top left of your workspace and select Upload.

  • You can also drag and drop it from your desktop into Projector.

To select from Projector's creative catalog:

  • Click on the media icon at the top left of your workspace and select your desired media.

  • Use the search bar to look for specific media by subject matter.

  • Click on the media to add it to your design.

Projector media library - images, videos, GIFs, stickers, and icons

Projector media library

Once you’ve selected or imported your media, you’ll drop back into the scene where you can make all kinds of edits—from instantly setting it as the background, to adding tints, filters, blur effects, and shadows. You can also crop, tilt, and change shapes.

Your Toolbar

You can find a variety of editing options in your Toolbar. Add a color tint, change the filter, blur, frame, and more. While the Toolbar brings the most common creative features to the front, it can be expanded to give you access to more advanced features.

Projector toolbar
  1. Selected media in your story

  2. Outline color

  3. Media effects - Tint, Filter, Blur

  4. Media frame

  5. Corner radius

  6. Shadow

  7. Set as background

  8. Effects

  9. Expanded toolbar

Setting media as a background

In Projector, you can quickly and easily set an image or video as the background to your scene. There are two ways to do it: set current media as a background, or add a media background.

Set current media as a background: After dropping an image or video into the scene, just select the Set as Background icon from the Expanded Toolbar.

Setting media as a background in Projector

Add a media background: When you're in a scene, you can select the Add a media background icon from the Toolbar or click on Background Media in the Expanded Toolbar to find or upload your media. When you select a video or an image from the creative catalog or upload your own image or video, it will automatically snap to the background of your scene.

The image or video will be sized to fit the background of the scene without losing quality. In the Media section of the Expanded Toolbar, you can adjust images and videos by moving them around or zooming in. In some cases, you may need to crop to better align with the scene dimensions.

Editing Media

Customize your media and make it your own with easy tools to edit your images, videos, GIFs, and more. Read on to learn more about resizing, cropping, and framing your media, alongside media-editing capabilities such as tinting, filtering, and adding shadows to your media.


Resize media in two ways: dragging the sides or corners of the media element, or resizing using the Height and Width dimensions from the Expanded Toolbar.

Note: when customizing the Height and Width dimensions, if the Lock icon is closed, the media will resize proportionately.

Pro tip: Using the precise dimensions in the Expanded Toolbar can be especially helpful when trying to set the same image size across media elements and scenes.


It’s easy to adjust the visible area of any image or video with the crop tool. Crop media can be found in the Expanded Toolbar under the Media section.

With the Crop media tool, drag and drop the edges or corners of the media to adjust the visible area. You can also click on the image itself to drag it and change the visible area, as well as zoom in and out of the image. Clicking out of the image will save the changes, but at any point, you can click back into the Crop media tool to see how the visible area compares to the original.

Framing in a device

In Projector, you can instantly frame your media in a device.

  • Add your media to the scene.

  • Select the Frame icon from the Toolbar or click on the Frames section in the Expanded Toolbar.

  • Select from a variety of frame options—Photographic, Professional, and Stylized.

  • Adjust your media in the frame by double-clicking your media and moving your media around the frame or using the slider to zoom in and out.

Photographic Frames

Projector photographic device frames

Professional Frames

Projector professional device frames

Stylized Frames

Projector stylized device frames

Media effects: Tint, Filter, and Blur

Change it up! After adding an image or video, select the Media effects icon in the Toolbar to tint, filter, or blur your media.

Projector: tint, filter, and blur media
  • Tint: Click Tint to tint media with any color—including gradients—using the Color panel. You can also select to lighten or darken the tint.

  • Filter: Click Filter to add a Grayscale or Sepia filter. Select the filter and adjust using the Toolbar sliders.

  • Blur: Click Blur and use the slider to create a blurred effect with any image or video.

Pro tip: Filter an image to Grayscale before adding a tint to get the most of the color.

Changing the shape of your images and videos

Media elements usually default to a square or rectangle shape. In Projector, you have two ways to reshape your images and videos.

Rounded corners: This feature allows you to take a square or rectangle all the way to a circle or oval. Select your media and use the Corners slider in the Expanded Toolbar to adjust the shape of your media.

Rounding corners in Projector

Filling shapes with media (Media fill):

  • Add shapes from the Insert menu or draw a custom shape using the Pen tool.

  • Then, in the Expanded Toolbar, click on the Media section to insert an image or video within that shape.

  • Select your media, and then adjust as needed by moving the shape points or by clicking Adjust media in the Media section.

Filling shapes with media in Projector (media fill)
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