When you log in to Projector, you'll land on your Library. This is where you can find all the stories you've created, and stories that have been shared with you. You will be able to sort your stories by the last edited time, creation time, or alphabetical title in ascending and descending order.

The menu on the lefthand side is where you will be able to access the stories you've created, stories that have been shared with you, the Template library, your Live Sessions, and your brand fonts.

To get started on a new project, click on the New story button at the top right.

Projector library gallery view

Select the gallery or list icon at the top right to change the view of your stories for easy organization.

Projector library grid view

In your Library, click on your Story card to select it. Double-click your Story card to edit it. When you click on the three dots at the bottom right of the Story card, you can view, present, share, duplicate, rename, edit, delete your story.

To multi-select your stories, select on your stories while holding down Cmd (for Macs) and Ctrl (for PCs). After selecting several stories, you will be able to delete them by clicking on the trash icon at the top right.

Projector library story selection

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