Projector is a creative platform built for everyone, whether you have serious design skills or not. It helps people and teams with all their visual communication needs, from presentations and print materials to videos, GIFs, and social media. In this article, we'll show you around before you get started.

Projector glossary

  • Story: Your creations. Whether for a social media post, a presentation, an email campaign, or an infographic, we call each creation a Story. Your collection of stories lives in your Library.

  • Scene: A story is made up of scenes, and you can add as many scenes (or just one) to help shape your narrative.

  • Library: This is where you’ll find all of the stories you’ve created and the ones that have been shared with you. You can search and sort your Library to surface the stories you're looking for.

  • Template library: Check out the templates to get started with some themes and inspiration! Browse from a variety of templates for presentations, social media posts, content planning, storytelling, and more.

  • Editor: This is your workspace! Start a new story, join a shared one, or start working from a template.

Getting to know the Editor

Our toolbars are designed to bring relevant editing features to the front and make more advanced design effects accessible and easy to use.

Projector editor and toolbars
  • 1. App Bar: The App Bar is where you can navigate through your story and between your Library and the Editor. Here, you can add collaborators and viewers, and present or export your stories.

  • 2. Insert menu: Add text, media, shapes, and custom drawings with this toolbar.

  • 3. Expanded Toolbar: This is where you can find and use creative tools to help you design and edit your story elements.

  • 4. Scene navigator: Navigate between your scenes in a story here. The Scene navigator will open when you add a second scene to a story, and you can open and close it by clicking on the Scene number at the bottom left. Add a New scene at the bottom left of the Editor, or find and choose a template. You can open and close the Scene navigator by clicking on the scene number at the bottom left.

  • 5. Scene change & Zoom: Here you can switch between scenes or zoom in to work on the details in your design.

Collaborating in the Editor

  • Add collaborators at the top right of the App Bar by clicking on Share.

  • When you're collaborating on a story with multiple people, you'll see their avatar on the App Bar.

  • Each user will have a designated color that points to what they are working on in the story.

Exporting from the Editor

Create exports and share your story in the form of PDFs, images, GIFs, or videos.

  • Click on the Export button at the top right of the App Bar to launch the Export menu.

  • Choose your export option and desired details, and preview the export before you download.

  • For GIFs and videos, you can adjust the timing of each scene, or set a unified time for all scenes.

  • For stories with a mix of images and videos, your story will export as a zip file, containing each scene as its own file.

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