At Projector, we believe ideas move the world forward. We're the graphic design platform built for modern communication—a space that brings people with different skill sets together to collaborate on social posts, presentations, print designs, GIFs, videos, and more. Through approachable design tools, modern media, and high-quality graphic effects, Projector helps people and teams turn their ideas into beautiful visual stories that captivate any audience.

While we see limitless possibilities for content, there are some specific use cases you may relate to, making Projector your go-to space for creating.

Content marketers tasked with creating several visual assets a day (social media posts, email campaigns, GIFs and videos) across multiple social, digital, and print platforms.

Creative agencies that need to collaborate in real-time on client pitch presentations, reports, or other design-centric projects.

Designers who love powerful creative tools with new ways to play with media, and who want better, more efficient collaboration with the non-designers on their team.

Small business owners who might not have access to full-time designers, but who want to promote their business in a high-quality, design-forward way.

Educators who are looking for new and creative ways to engage with students during and outside of class.

Students who are looking for unique and modern alternatives for creating and designing presentations, social posts, and event flyers.

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