1. What types of stories can I create in Projector?

In Projector, you can create beautifully-designed visuals that work across all kinds of formats—presentations, social media posts, print designs, videos, GIFs, emails, and more. Each format is built specifically for its medium, giving you more time to spend creating and less time formatting. For some story inspiration or to kick things off, check out the templates for each format in the Template library.

Story formats in Projector

2. How can I change my background?

You'll be able to fill your background with color or media.

To change your background with color:

  • Click on your background.

  • Select Scene fill color at the top right (the button will have a color square).

  • In the Color panel, select from color palettes we've curated for you, add in a custom color, or create a gradient for your background.

To change your background with media:

  • Click on your background.

  • Click on the Add a media background icon, which can be found at the top right.

  • Browse through and select from our media library for images, videos, and GIFs, or upload your own.

  • With your media background, you'll be able to expand the toolbar on the right to access more creative capabilities such as tint, blur, and more.

3. How can I save my work?

Projector saves your work automatically. You can exit your story or browser and your story will be saved as is.

4. How can I share my story? What export options are available?

There are a number of ways to share the stories you make in Projector.

  • Live Sessions: Present your story directly in Projector to a live audience. Click on Present live at the top of the Editor.

  • View mode: View your story by clicking on View at the top of the Editor.

  • Create a sharable web link: Share view or edit access to your story via link by clicking on Share at the top of the Editor and generating a link.

  • Invite your audience directly: Share view or edit access to your story with specific people by clicking on Share at the top of the Editor and inviting them via email.

  • Export: Click on Export at the top of the Editor to download your story as a PDF, Image, GIF, or Video. You'll receive a link to your export (on the same screen as well as in your email), and the file.

5. What is Live Sessions?

Live Sessions is the best way to share your Projector stories with a live audience. It gives you a new way to present and connect with your audience in real-time — all without sharing your screen. As a host, it lets you create and drive a synchronized viewing experience that everyone in your audience can open and interact with from the comfort of their own devices.

Learn more about Live Sessions here.

6. How does collaboration work in Projector?

Projector is built for creative teams to work together through browser-based, real-time collaboration. You can add as many people to your story as you'd like and manage all of your creations in one shared space. Jump right into the Editor to start designing together. Colored frames and cursors will indicate who's working in your story with you.

To share your story with others, click on Share at the top of your workspace.

There, you can invite others via email to edit or view your story, as well as generate a shareable link.

7. Which browsers are supported?

Projector is a browser-based software and uses WebGL for rendering. It can be used on Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Windows Edge.

8. How do I layer elements?

To overlap elements, you can drag and drop them over each other. If you right-click an element, you can also Send to back or Bring to front to accommodate layers.

For a Mac, the keyboard shortcut to bring an element to the front is ⌘⇧Up and the keyboard shortcut to send an element to the back is ⌘⇧Down.

For a PC, the keyboard shortcut to bring an element to the front is Ctrl⇧Up and the keyboard shortcut to send an element to the back is Ctrl⇧Down.

9. How do I add device frames to my media?

  • Select the media you'd like to frame.

  • Expand the toolbar on your right and scroll down to click on the Frames button.

  • There, you'll be able to select from Photographic, Professional. and Stylized frames and choose your desired colors.

  • Double click on your media once it has been framed to adjust how it fits in the device frame.​

10. What type of files does Projector support?

Projector's media library provides direct access to images from Unsplash, videos from Shutterstock, GIFs and stickers from GIPHY, icons from The Noun Project, as well as emojis. You can edit all of these media types in Projector.

You can also upload your own media and custom fonts to use in your story. Projector supports the following formats and file types:

  • Images: PNG and JPG

  • GIFs: GIF

  • Videos: MOV and MP4

  • PDFs: PDF

  • Fonts: OTF and TTF

11. How do I upload my own media?

To upload your own media, click on the media icon at the top left of your workspace and select Upload. You can also drag and drop them from your computer into Projector.

12. What photo and video editing capabilities does Projector offer?

You can add a tint, filter, blur, or shadow to your images and videos. You can also frame your media, rotate, and change your photo or video dimensions. Transition between scenes using advanced effects like ripples, glitch effects, morphing, and more.

You can also add special effects to your media! Remix your elements and choose from the following effects: Noise, Swirl, Bulge, Pinch, Color halftone, Halftone, and Glow. Click here for more information on Effects.

Find all of these creative capabilities in the Expanded Toolbar in the Editor.

13. Does Projector support audio?

Yes, if you upload a video that includes audio, select the video and expand the toolbar on the right. In the Playback section, you will be able to check or uncheck the Mute option.

Audio will play in View mode, Live Sessions, and when you export your story as a video.

14. Are there any templates I can use?

Yes! Check out the Template library for all types of story formats and use cases. You'll be able to find templates for team presentations, pitch decks, editorial calendars, email campaigns, social posts and stories, flyers, and more.

15. Are there any keyboard shortcuts?

Please note the symbols for the following keys:

  • ⌘ - Command (or Cmd)

  • ⌃ - Control (or Ctrl)

  • ⇧ - Shift

Mac keyboard shortcuts:

  1. Copy element: ⌘C

  2. Paste element: ⌘V

  3. Cut element: ⌘X

  4. Duplicate element: ⌘D

  5. Delete an element: Delete

  6. Group elements: ⌘G

  7. Ungroup elements: ⌘⇧G

  8. Undo: ⌘Z

  9. Redo: ⌘⇧Z

  10. Show/hide layout grid: ⌃G

  11. Access emoji menu: ⌘⌃Space

  12. Bring element to front (layer): ⌘⇧Up

  13. Send element to back (layer): ⌘⇧Down

  14. Export: ⌘⇧E

  15. View story page: ⌘⇧.

  16. Zoom in: ⌘+

  17. Zoom out: ⌘-

  18. Zoom to 100%: ⌘0

PC keyboard shortcuts:

  1. Copy element: Ctrl + C

  2. Paste element: Ctrl + V

  3. Cut element: Ctrl + X

  4. Duplicate element: Ctrl + D

  5. Delete an element: Backspace

  6. Group elements: Ctrl + G

  7. Ungroup elements: Ctrl + ⇧ + G

  8. Undo: Ctrl + Z

  9. Redo: Ctrl + ⇧ + Z

  10. Show/hide layout grid: Ctrl + G

  11. Access emoji menu: Ctrl + Alt + .

  12. Bring element to front (layer): Ctrl + ⇧ + Up

  13. Send element to back (layer): Ctrl + ⇧ + Down

  14. Export: Ctrl + ⇧ + E

  15. View story page: Ctrl + ⇧ + .

  16. Zoom in: Ctrl+

  17. Zoom out: Ctrl-

  18. Zoom to 100%: Ctrl0

16. How much does Projector cost?

Projector is free to use!

17. What if I have more questions?

Send us an email at support@projector.com and we'll help you out.

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