Add some fun to your story with emojis!

To bring emojis into your story:

  1. Add a text box to your scene by clicking on the text icon in the Insert menu.

  2. Click into the text box, and the smiley face icon at the top left of your workspace.

Projector emojis

Keyboard Shortcuts for Emojis

Click into a text box and quickly access the Emoji menu with the following keyboard shortcuts:

  • Mac: ⌘⌃Space (Cmd + Ctrl + Space)

  • PC: Ctrl + Alt + . (Ctrl + Alt + Period)

Finding and Selecting Emojis

In the Emoji menu, you can use the search bar to find and select your desired emojis.

Finding and selecting emojis in Projector

Certain emojis also provide the option to select your desired skin tone. Click on the emoji and choose from the following options.

Emoji alignment and spacing

Adjust the alignment of your emojis with the Toolbar. Horizontally, you can adjust the emojis left, center, and right. You can also adjust them vertically, aligning them to the top, center, or bottom of the text box.

Adjust the spacing between emojis and/or between lines of emojis or text using the space sliders in the Expanded Toolbar. This effect makes it easy to change the look and feel of what is in your text box.

  • Letter spacing: adjust the spacing between emojis.

  • Line spacing: adjust the spacing between lines.

  • Paragraph spacing: adjust the spacing within the text box.

Applying background colors and highlights

To add a background or highlight, navigate to the Color section of the Expanded Toolbar.

Background: Click Background to add a color fill to the entire text box behind your emojis. Backgrounds have the same color capabilities as text, including gradients and opacity.

Highlight: Click Highlight to add a color fill behind the emojis itself. Highlights have the same color capabilities as text, including gradients and opacity.

Applying shadows to emojis

  • Click on the text box with the emoji and open the Shadow section in the Toolbar or Expanded Toolbar.

  • When opening the Shadow tool, you’ll automatically see a shadow appear behind your emoji.

  • Use the axis tool to move the shadow around, color option to change the color with all the features from the color tool, and blur slider to blur the shadow to create different effects. The same shadow will be added to all emojis in the same text box.

Adding shadows to emojis in Projector

Linking emoji

Easily link a webpage to your emoji in the Link section of the Expanded Toolbar.

Highlight the emoji (or select the full text box) and paste the URL in the Link section. Links work when clicking on the element in View mode, Live Sessions, as well as in PDF exports. To test a link in the Editor, click on Visit under the Link section of the Expanded Toolbar.

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