Spellcheck is included in every story so you'll be able to see any potential misspellings as you type. Misspelled words will be underlined in red and may include a suggested spelling alternative.

To use a spelling suggestion, right-click the word and select the suggested word.

Projector spellcheck

To ignore a correction, right-click the word and select Ignore word. Selecting Ignore word will add the word into the story's dictionary, no longer listing it as a misspelling for that story.

Projector spellcheck - ignoring the correction

To turn off spellcheck for your entire story, right-click and select Disable spellcheck.

If spellcheck has been disabled, enable spellcheck for your entire story by right-clicking a word and selecting Enable spellcheck.

Projector spellcheck - enabling and disabling spellcheck

When you accept or ignore a correction, it will reflect in real-time for everyone working on the story. The red underline is only visible in the Editor. It will not appear in View mode, Live Sessions, or in your export.

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